Mobile Learning

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Studying is no longer confined inside the four walls of the classroom. As iphones, blackberrys, ipads and other devices grow in number, learning is becoming more mobile and easier for the average student. Mobile learning is basically using portable devices such as ipads or smart phones with wireless networks, that allow teaching and learning to extend to places beyond the traditional classroom (EDUCAUSE,2013).

Mobile learning is convenient and easy. It allows you to access information within seconds wherever you are. Mobile learning can be very effective, it allows students to enjoy and learn in their own way. Research has shown “mobile devices can assist students collect data in richer, multimedia formats and make subsequent classroom presentations of their field study much more interesting”(Litchfield, Dyson, Lawrence & Zmijewska, 2007).

By using smartphones and tablet computers, students have easy access to knowledge. They use their devices as supportive ipad-apps[1]educational tools. They are now able to access to articles, diagrams, essays and other academic information which can improve student performance in the classroom. Mobile learning can allow students to have wider access to resources, make it easier and efficient to communicate with their teachers and also help children with special needs communicate and learn.

Although mobile learning can be very efficient it does have some disadvantages, it can be disruptive as students may use the devices for other purposes not related to their studies as well as it being costly and some students may not have access to such devices.

Overall I consider Mobile learning to have more advantages as it is effective and efficient and a great tool to utilise within classrooms to learn in a new and fun way.

Here is a great link for resources and tips on mobile learning.

Just an amazing video i came across on mobile learning and how it can help children with different needs:), Retrieved, (10/04/13).


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